Beach House Styling

20th Oct 2020

Beach House Styling

beach house styling

Summer is upon us and as the cooler weather draws to an end there is an uplifting of spirits and an eager mood to escape the city and head to the beach.

For budding interior addicts the summer season brings with it a reason to open up the windows, dust off the curtains, fold up the winter blankets and refresh the home décor to welcome in a lighter beach house vibe.

The typical beach house represents a calming atmosphere, one that displays accents of sun bleached timber, light hues and natural fabrics.

Even if you live in the city or the country, there are many ways that you can bring the relaxed beach house atmosphere into your home with these simple tricks.

Change your Soft Décor

Winter brings with it dark days and dark interior styling that includes heavy tones, large knit throws and dark furniture. To enliven your home simply swap your dark and heavy window coverings for some light linen or sheer curtains. This will help to make the room appear larger and will allow for the breeze to blow in.

Swap your dark cushions and chunky knit throws for some light coloured cushions and throws. You will be amazed at how different your lounge room or bedroom can look by making a few small changes to your décor.

If you have a rug on your floor it’s time to roll it up, store it away and swap it for a light woven rug like Mocka’s Circa Rug. The lighter colours will open up the space and the raw texture will give your home a beach-like feel.

Swap Dark Furniture for Light Furniture

A standard beach house is filled with light wooden furniture made from white washed, blonde or Beechwood timber. The light elements in the timber bring beach accents of driftwood, sun bleached timber and white sand into the home.

To give your home that light and spacious feeling simply style light wooden furniture including shelving, side tables and a coffee table into the space. When shopping for furniture, choose pieces that represent clean lines and simple design features.

Decorate with Beach Themed Accessories

A beach house isn’t complete without beach themed décor to accentuate the style of the space. From sun bleached coral and seashells to anchor motifs or pieces of décor decorated in rope; get creative and see what you can find that will bring accents of the beach into your home.

You can easily add beach house style to your home with Mocka’s great range of furniture and décor.


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