A Guide to Home Staging Furniture in New Zealand

21st Oct 2020

A Guide to Home Staging Furniture in New Zealand

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions count. Which is why it’s seriously worth considering home staging, so the impact your property makes on potential buyers is a positive one.

The more desirable your property looks, the greater chance of increasing your sale price and selling it sooner.


What is Home Staging and Why is it a Good Idea?

Home staging is the process of highlighting the positive aspects of a property and minimising the negatives as much as possible.

This is achieved by strategically placing furniture and decor within the house to showcase the aspirational lifestyle of living there and paves the way for potential buyers to fall in love with your home.

A staged home sells quicker and for a higher price than a vacant home, so is well worth the investment!

How to Stage Your Home

To stage your home for sale or as holiday accommodation you can hire a professional home stager or do it yourself. Either way, you’ll need to freshen up your property and use home staging furniture. Let’s take a look at some practical tips on staging key areas of a house.

Step 1 - Staging the Entryway

This is the first room a buyer will see so it is imperative to create the lasting impression you want to make.

Decluttering should be your main priority. Are you tripping over shoes or seeing a tangle of keys and dog leashes hanging on the wall? Simplify and reduce. Purchasing a chic hall table with drawers will also enable you to stash clutter out of sight. Just remember to style the surface minimally with faux plants or a lamp for inviting appeal.

Porto Console Table - Mocka NZ

Pro Tip: Consider giving your front door, pathway and front yard a freshen up to ensure a buyer’s good impression starts the moment they get out of the car.

Step 2 - Staging the Living Room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in a home, so staging it correctly will go a long away to convincing buyers this is their dream home. Highlight focal points you want to show off like a stunning view or a fireplace. This could simply mean rearranging your furniture.

Symmetrical arrangements usually work well in a living space. Also don’t assume pushing furniture against walls will make a room look bigger, the opposite is actually true. Pull your furniture off the walls to create space and clear pathways.

Group sofas, armchairs and lamps in pairs to create a conversation area that invites buyers in.

A Guide to Home Staging Furniture in New Zealand - Mocka NZ

Pro Tip: A large floor rug will help tie a lounge room together and assist in creating defined areas in an open-plan living design.

Step 3 - Staging the Bedrooms

There’s nothing more inviting than clean, crisp never-been-slept-in bedding, so investing in fresh new bed linen is always a good idea.

To make the bed look even more inviting, make sure you have a few euro pillows, normal pillows, extra cushions and at least one throw to give it that sink-in-comfort appeal.

Also adding a new pair of bedside tables to either side of a master bed will help create balance to the room.

Nelson Platform Bench - Mocka NZ

Pro Tip: Overstuffed closets make buyers think your home doesn’t have enough storage so clear out unwanted/unused items. The less hanging in your closest, the better.


Conclusion - Buying Your Own Home Staging Furniture is Worth Considering!

When putting your house on the market, it pays to stage it correctly.

This not only helps a home sell quicker but can also increase the selling price.

So whether your home is currently vacant or occupied, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional home stager, buying your own home staging furniture is worth considering.

The small investment in the short-term can mean a higher return on investment once the house is sold.


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