A Guide to Choosing Kids Beds

21st Oct 2020

A Guide to Choosing Kids Beds

Moving your child to their first ‘big kids’ bed is an important step for any parent and their child.

Knowing this will be your child’s bed for the next long while, you want to ensure you make the right choice and give them the best possible chance to sleep through the night (which means extra winks for Mum and Dad, too).

To make the decision easier, we looked at some things to consider when choosing kids beds.


When Should I Move My Child to a Kids Bed?

There is no set or right time to move your child from their cot or toddler bed to their own bed; it is really up to you, your child and your routine.

Most children make the move when they are between 2-3 years old, but it can vary from child to child. You know your child best, so trust your intuition and make the move once you feel they are ready.


What to Look for in a Kids Bed

Let’s face it, children have a lot to get through in their day – what with all the growing, learning and discovering that takes place.


So at the end of the day, a comfortable and cosy kids bed is important for a good night’s sleep. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, consider these important points when deciding which kids bed to buy.

Dani Bed - Mocka NZ

Make sure they are safe! 

First and foremost, the safety of the bed is important. A sturdy frame is key to ensuring the bed you get your child is safe for them to use.

Wood or metal based frames are classic and offer solid support for little ones transitioning to their new bed. Whether you opt for a bed with safety rails on the side is up to you.


They can help give you peace of mind that little ones won’t roll out in the night, however they do decrease the longevity of the bed.

As children age, they are less likely to need or want safety rails which might mean needing to purchase another bed earlier than expected. A good alternative is to get a bed that is lower to the ground, so if they do happen to fall, they don’t fall as far.

Most modern kids bed designs are lowset. 


Will your new bed last them for long enough?

When it comes to kids beds, we recommend opting for a bed that has staying  power – in both style and space.

Big ticket, fundamental pieces like beds aren’t items you want to keep replacing every other year. When choosing a kid’s bed, it’s easy to get taken in by whimsical designs.


However, their cute-factor greatly exceeds their longevity or practicality, and once your child ages, you’ll once again find yourself reaching into your wallet for something less juvenile and more practical.

So, save yourself the time and money. When choosing your child’s bed, ensure they can grow into it for the future. Opting for a simple, classic design also means you have the option to repurposed the bed to a guest bedroom once it no longer suits your child.


Make sure your kids bed is durable!

It is safe to say that when it comes to kids furniture, durability is a must. From the inevitable sticky fingers to ‘jumping monkeys on the bed’, a kids bed that can withstand the rough play of children should be considered.

Frames that are easy to clean will help keep the look of fabric beds and metal frames fresh. Metal frames are ideal as often a simple wipe with a cloth will remove any food, dye or other stains from the metal.

Metal and wood frames, with slated bases, ensure a sturdy, supportive base that will not only support the back while sleeping, but also as children jump on or off their bed.

Sonata Bunk Bed - Mocka NZ

Image shared by @_murphyslawn 

Will it be versatile?

Choosing a bed that offers some versatility in function and is able to provide more than one purpose is good to consider.

This could simply mean choosing a bed with inbuilt storage or with space under the bed you could use. This way you have a comfortable bed for your child to sleep, but the bed also provides you extra storage to display books or tuck away the never-ending supply of toys.


When it comes to versatility, a bunk bed is ideal. Allowing you to use the same space twice, a bunk bed is perfect for siblings sharing a room or to prepare for the inevitable sleepovers and visitors in the future.

If the lower bunk is only used when friends and family visit, take a few well-chosen cushions and transform the bottom bunk into a sofa for reading and lounging during the day and night. This is a creative way to increase the versatility and function of your child’s bed.

The conclusion

Choosing a kid’s bed can be daunting with so many aspects to consider. Your child’s bed is their refuge - a place to play, learn and sleep. So we understand it’s important to get it right.

Make sure you tick all the boxes when it comes to safety, longevity, durability and versatility and you’ll be able to choose the perfect kids bed and make the move smoother for everyone.


  1. Move your child into their new bed before they outgrow their old bed

  2. Look for features that will work for your child in your house (not everyone elses!)

  3. Check the bed for safety

  4. Ensure it will last them through multiple growth stages

  5. Make sure it's durable & can survive life in a kids room!

  6. Check the versatility - can I store items underneath?

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