A Fun Lego Table for your Kids

20th Oct 2020

Lego is a classic childhood toy that has been played with by children (and parents) through many generations. It has withstood the test of time due to its limitless and unrestricted building possibilities.  Its building functionality makes it a toy that possesses fun educational benefits that help to develop children’s fine motor skills and problem solving skills. If your kid is a fan of Lego than they will really love this quick and simple project that will make it easier for them to play with their Lego all day long. If you are after a storage place for your kids to store all of their Lego pieces than you might want to consider using a Mocka Activity Table. Simply glue the Lego baseplates down on top of the pull up Activity Table lid. Your children will then be able to access their Lego pieces from the pull out storage compartment underneath. This will keep all of your kids' Lego pieces stored neatly away instead of being spread out all over the floor. Regardless of the Mocka Table that you decide to use, these two Lego table projects will help to keep your kids Lego off the ground and safely stored away. Mocka Geo Lego Table

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