5 Quick Ways to Tidy Up your Home with Mocka

19th Oct 2020

5 Quick Ways to Tidy Up your Home with Mocka

1. Stack magazines Have you got a bunch of magazines lying around the house? Collect all of the single magazines that are lying in different rooms and stack them in a neat pile. This quickly declutters the house and also creates a collective styled look! Place the magazine stack on Mocka’s Leni Bentwood Stool with a vase of nice flowers on top.

If you are looking for a stylish magazine rack that is very functional then Mocka’s Leni Mag Rack is the perfect piece of furniture for your home. The Leni Mag Rack will keep your magazines neat and tidy and in one place. Simply stack them in the magazine rack for a sleek and tidy look that is still easy to access.

2. Keep activities in one place Children’s activities can make the house look untidy, especially when they have a lot of them. The quickest way to tidy up activities is to have one place dedicated to storing them. Mocka’s Activity Table is great for keeping children’s activities in the one place. Its large rollout storage box underneath will hold almost any activity or toy sets. Its lift up lid is perfect for storing colouring in books, paper and notepads and its storage slots are great for holding pens and pencils.

3. Store loose items away together One way to quickly tidy up your home is to store loose items away together. Loose items quickly make a home look cluttered and can be easily tidied by categorising them into their own separate piles and storing them away in their own place. Mocka’s Stacka Boxes are great for separating toys, DVD’s, Books and more and can be stacked on top of each other for a streamline and tidy look.

If you want to store your loose items in a specific storage area then Mocka’s Luna Cubes and Fabric Boxes are great for holding loose household items. You can use a label maker to name each fabric box to store away electrical equipment such as cables, chargers and batteries or toys, arts and crafts. Categorising and storing items together also makes it easy to find specific items when you need them.

4. Make use of spare space One simple and easy way to quickly tidy up your home is to make use of wasted space. Under bed storage is a great way to keep household items in a convenient place without making the house look untidy. Mocka’s Bed Box is a streamline storage option that is perfect for quickly tiding up your child’s bedroom. You can store toys, books, blankets or seasonal clothes in them for quick and easy access.

5. Keep items off the floor Keeping items off the floor is easier said than done when you have a family that is constantly coming and going however, Mocka’s range of coat racks can help. Whether it’s the Rainbow Rack, Kids Tree Hanger or Albero Coat Rack; having a place to hang your coats, bags and umbrellas will keep them off the floor and stored away neatly in a specific place.

Mocka’s Jimmy Stand is perfect for battling that never ending messy shoe pile at the door. Pair each shoe up together to help keep your home neat and tidy.

By using these quick and easy tips you will be amazed at how quickly you can tidy up your home with Mocka’s great range of products! 

Keep your home tidy with Mocka


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