5 Mocka Cardboard Box Crafts

15th Oct 2020

Mocka love to encourage kids to be creative and there’s no better way to spur their imaginations than with a plain cardboard box. With a bit of creativity you can help your child to transform a cardboard box into a range of fun toys. Below are 5 cardboard box craft ideas that you can make with your spare Mocka cardboard boxes.

Cardboard box car

Your kids will have a ball making their very own cardboard box car. Not only are they great for spurring your child’s wild imagination, they also help to burn up their endless amounts of energy when they race siblings and friends around the yard. All you need is a Mocka rectangle box that your child can comfortably stand in, pens to mark the cars exterior features, paper plates to glue on as wheels and rope to attach to each side of the box to use as shoulder straps.

Cardboard box oven

If there is one thing that children love it’s to copy off mum and dad. If your children love to play in the kitchen then make them their very own cardboard oven and stove. They will love making you cups of tea and chocolate cake in their very own pretend kitchen. A Mocka rectangle box works best for this and you can use a variety of pens, paper plates and plastic cups to replicate the hotplates and dials.

Cardboard box racetrack

Racetracks are an all time favourite amongst young children and they are also great for developing their fine motor skills. Once you are finished with your Mocka cardboard box simply deconstruct it and lay it flat on the ground. Give your child a range of suitable crayons or pencils and encourage them to draw a race track to steer their toy cars around.

Cardboard box washing machine

A cardboard washing machine is easy to make out of a square Mocka cardboard box. Simply draw on a few dials and buttons with a permanent marker and carefully cut out a washing machine door with scissors or a stanley knife.

Cardboard box activity cube

A cardboard activity cube is great for toddlers as it will stimulate their imagination and help to develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

To make the activity cube simply find a few objects around the house including different shape balls and toys. Draw different sized shapes on the sides of a Mocka square box using a pen or pencil. Carefully cut out the shapes using a stanley knife to create holes. Highlight the holes with washi tape or colourful pens.

Quickly show your toddler how to play with the box and then watch them learn while they play.

These toys are cost effective and are guaranteed to keep your child busy playing for hours.

Images credits: Car, oven, racetrack, washing machine, activity cube.


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