5 Easy Ways to Redecorate your Home

6th Mar 2015

Making your house feel like a home isn’t always a hard or expensive job. There are many ways that you can easily revamp your home and make it feel fresh and inviting again. Below are five easy and budget friendly changes that you can do to impact the look and feel of any room in your home.

1. Change soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are easy and inexpensive ways to dramatically change a room. Change window coverings to freshen a room. Install heavy fabric curtains for a more cosy and inviting room or keep it light and airy with sheer curtains. Add a rug to your timber or tiled floors in winter to soften the room and place a throw on your lounge or bed. In the cooler months make your bedroom lighter by changing your bed linen and adding cooler colours to your room.

2. Tidy Up

Make your home feel bigger by tidying up. Purchase some stylish storage baskets and place any loose objects that are sitting around your home in them. Storage baskets and boxes are great for storing magazines, DVDs, toys, throws and general bits and pieces.

3. Hangers

Hangers and coat racks can make a statement on their own. Whether it’s a wall hanger or stand alone coat rack, if you have a nook or corner in your home that looks bare, a hanger or coat rack will add functional style to the space. Before purchasing one, think about the space and what the hanging rack or coat rack will be used for. Is the space in a main thoroughfare or is it secluded and in a niche in your home. Will you be hanging coats and bags on it or will it be used for decoration purposes only. Answering these questions will determine the style of coat rack or hanger that you choose.

4. Wall decals

Painting a room can be expensive. A cheap alternative to revamp your walls is by using decals. You can mix or match different styles and colours of decals in any room to create a look that you will love. They instantly add the wow factor to a room and can be easily removed making them a perfect option for renters.

5. Entryway

Don’t underestimate the power of your entryway. It’s the first room visitors see when they arrive at your home but it’s usually the most neglected room. Make a great first impression by adding in a few decorative pieces, a plant or a piece of artwork.


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