4 different ways to use a Mocka Joey Chair

19th Oct 2020

Creative uses for Mocka's Joey Chair Mocka’s Joey Chair is a comfortable hanging chair that you can use both inside the house or out! Whether you hang it in your child’s bedroom or playroom there are many different ways that your child can use the Joey Chair when it’s not being used as a chair.

The shape of the Joey Chair makes it very practical for holding guitars. Don’t go out and buy an additional guitar stand that just takes up more room. The soft Joey Chair holds them snug and off the ground making it easier to vacuum the floor and keeps the room looking tidy. Your child will also love the trendy look of this different guitar stand.

Does your child have a collection of soft toys? Don’t go out and purchase additional toy slings that are hard for your child to reach. Simply put them in your child’s Joey Chair to create a cute looking toy collection. Arrange them so the big toys are at the back and that the small toys are towards the front of the Joey Chair. Your child will love seeing all of their favourite soft toy animals in the one place.

Is your child a sports fanatic? The Joey Chair is great for storing all of their sports bats and balls! They will love having a place to store their sports equipment and it will make it easier to find their soccer ball or baseball bat before sport starts on a Saturday morning.

The Joey Chair is also great for holding extra blankets in the cooler months. Keep your child’s additional blankets off the bed during the day to keep their bed looking neat and tidy. When it comes time to tuck your child in at night simply grab one of the blankets in the Joey Chair to keep your child warm.

There are many different ways that you can use Mocka’s Joey Chair other than just a hanging chair. Get creative and use Mocka’s products in different ways and in different rooms around your home to save on space. Let us know in the comments below the creative ways in which you've used your Joey Chair. [product id="577"]


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