3 Affordable Ways to Customise a Shadow Box

15th Oct 2020

3 Affordable Ways to Customise a Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes are great for adding extra storage or a whimsical element to your home or kids bedroom. Whether you have the rectangle or house shape Shadow Boxes you can easily and affordably customise the look of them with these three ideas from Mocka.


Painting the inside of your shadow box is an easy way to permanently change the look of the box to complement the space or wall that it’s fixed to. Before you begin to paint your Shadow Box, start by taping the edges with masking tape to achieve clean lines. Start painting the corners of the Shadow Box first then the roof and sides. Paint the inside back of the Shadow Box last to avoid bumping your hand in wet paint. Once dry simply peel off the masking tape. You can mix and match colours to create a stand out feature in your home.


Paper is one of the easiest ways to quickly customise the look of a Shadow Box. You can find a range of scrapbooking paper from your local craft store. Using a pencil and ruler simply measure out the inside dimensions of the Shadow Box and mark the dimensions on the back side of the paper you wish to use. Cut out the shape and use double sided tape to adhere it to the inside backing of the Shadow Box. You will love the different looks that you can create and best of all, you can change it whenever you like.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a fun and affordable way to decorate your Shadow Box. You can pick up rolls of Washi Tape from your local crafts store. Simply measure, cut and apply pieces of Washi Tape to the inside of your Shadow Box. You will love customising the look of your Shadow Box using different types of Washi Tape and just like paper you can change it when your taste changes.

These activities are great for kids and will keep them busy for hours. It’s easy to customise the look of your Shadow Boxes with a few affordable pieces of art and craft.


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