10 Ways to Hide Toys From Visitors

21st Oct 2020

10 Ways to Hide Toys From Visitors

10 Ways To Hide Toys From Visitors - Mocka NZ

Anyone with children knows the feeling when guests are about to arrive and it looks like the contents of a toy store have been dumped in your living room. But before you start stuffing toys behind cushions or tidying up in a frenzy, check out our 10 ways to hide toys from visitors and save yourself the time and stress of the pre-party scramble.

1 – Felt and Denim Baskets

Our Felt Baskets and Denim Baskets make tidying up quick and easy. Wonderfully lightweight, you (or little ones!) can carry them around while picking up items. Perfect for plush toys or small items such as cars and dolls. Also a great option for products that are used frequently, as they can be moved from room to room as needed.

Felt Baskets - Mocka NZ

2 – Toy Box

The most obvious of course but our Toy Box is the master of disguise and is ideal for communal areas such as living rooms. The simple, neutral white design means it is not immediately recognisable as toy storage. Add a throw rug or some cushions on top and voilà– incognito toy storage that suits both adults and kids.

Toy Box - Mocka NZ

3 –  Gloria Box

Similarly, our Gloria Box not only has ample space to store any toys inside, but its 100kg weight limit means it can double as extra seating! Perfect for get-togethers.

Gloria Box - Mocka NZ

4 – Stacka Crates

Mocka Stackas are wonderfully versatile and do just want they say – stack! You can stack them in a configuration of your choice and store away any toys and nick knacks you’d rather keep out of sight of visitors. Place one more on top and pop a lush pot plant in to create a feature that certainly looks like it’s supposed to be there!

Stacka Crates - Mocka NZ

5 – Chelsea Buffet

The Chelsea Buffet is wonderfully modern and looks stunning in a living space. The spacious cupboards are ideal for PlayStations, consoles and computers and can be kept tidy behind the lovely white doors with visitors none the wiser.

Chelsea Buffet - Mocka NZ

6 - Lockas

Our Mocka Lockas are favourites among children and adults alike. The cool locka design and range of funky colours, means they look great in any setting. Blessed with adjustable shelves, you can adapt them to suit your storage needs. And the best part? They have doors so you can tidy away any toys as you need.

Lockas - Mocka NZ

7 – Minka A Frame

But you don’t have to store everything away behind closed doors - hide a few things in plain sight! Our Minka A-Frames are wonderfully chic and make dress-ups, clothes and accessories look super adorable so you won’t mind friends and family seeing them on display!

Minka A-Frame - Mocka NZ

8 – Storage Cubes

Our Mocka Essential Storage Cubes are perfect for adding a wealth of extra storage to a room. These units allow you to can display only what you need and keep the rest tidy and out of sight.

Mocka Essentials 6 Cube - Mocka NZ

9 – Fabric Boxes

The fabric boxes not only are great for storing any small toys or Lego, but they have the added bonus of fitting perfectly into out Essentials Storage Cubes!

Fabric Boxes - Mocka NZ

10 - Post Boxes

Use the Post Boxes as side tables in the lounge room or entertaining space. Not only can they provide a space to rest your drinks but also store toys and other items normally left lying around the house.

Post Box 3 - Mocka NZ

With all these great ideas, your next get-together is sure to be a toy-nado free experience. And even if it’s right around the corner, we have fast shipping all over New Zealand to ensure your hidden toy storage arrives when it’s needed the most!

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