10 Creative Uses for A Cube Storage Shelf

21st Oct 2020

10 Creative Uses for A Cube Storage Shelf

Sometimes overlooked or pigeon-holed as just another bit of office storage, cube storage units are actually a versatile and stylish unit which can be a real standout. To help inspire you, we have put together ten creative ways to use a Cube Storage Unit in your home. Check it out!

1. Wardrobe Storage

Add a cube storage shelf in a wardrobe to help keep clothes, shoes and accessories ordered. The height also allows hanging space for clothes above.

2. Laundry Storage

Use a storage cube in a laundry space to help store laundry detergents and accessories. Add some fabric baskets to the cube as well for sorting colours and whites or clean clothes from the dirty clothes.

3. Doll House

If your really feeling creative and up for a bit of DIY, then transform a cube storage unit into a dollhouse. Cover the ‘walls’ of the cubes in different colours and patterns using paint or contact/scrapbooking sheets. Then sort second hand doll furniture online to create multiple rooms.

4. Baseboard Storage

For a chic baseboard idea that also has a heap of storage, consider using a cube storage unit at the base of a bed. Especially fantastic for kids bedrooms!

5. Mudroom

A cube storage unit in a mudroom or entryway will help tidy up shoes, bags, hats and other paraphernalia that normally gets dumped by the entry door.

6. Couch Sideboard

The perfect spot for resting drinks and popcorn on during a movie night, a storage cube at the edge of a couch is a great way to add sleek storage to a lounge room. Great for keeping remotes and cords stored away.

7. Verandah Storage

Keep balls and toys or garden tools tidy and on hand by adding a storage cube to a closed verandah or outdoor space. Also a great for entertaining to keep extra glasses, plates and coasters conveniently on hand.

8. Craft room storage

Whether scrapbooking, painting, sewing, macramé or whichever craft of your choice, a storage cube will help keep utensils and materials organised and tidy.

9. Bedside table

Providing plenty of space for a lamp, décor accessories and your current read, Cubes Storage Shelves are a great (and often more affordable) option for a bedside table.

Two Cube Storage Furniture - Mocka NZ

Four Cube Storage Furniture - Mocka NZ

10. Cat Hotel

All the cat lovers in the world will love this idea to use a Cube Storage Shelf to make a super cool cat hotel. Add soft, cushions in the open cubes to create cosy little nooks any cat will love to curl up in. Use closed compartments to store treats, toys and other accessories out of sight.

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