Be a part of our #mockakidschallenge!

We understand the next few weeks might be a struggle for most. So we have come up with some ideas to keep everyone entertained. 

Everyday on our social channels (and here) we are going to post a fun activity, competition or challenge to keep kids out of mischief while in lockdown!

Don't forget to share your Mocka challenges with us by tagging @mockanz and use the hastag #mockakidschallenge

Have fun and stay safe!

Day 1 - Mocka Kids Challenge     Day 2 - Lockdown Daily Planner     Day 3 - Arts & Crafts     Day 4 - Bake-off!     Day 5 - Dress Up Day     Day 6 - Bedroom Tours     Day 7 - Board Game     Day 8 - Blindfold Challenge     Day 9 - Shadow Drawing     Day 10 - Scavenger Hunt     Day 11 - Teddy Bear Party     Day 12 - Tallest Tower Challenge     Day 13 - Build A Fort