With available space always at a premium, and with increasing numbers of people working from their home or having a home office for their private business, storage space for the materials needed is increasingly important. It's also true that many homes won't have a separate room for this, and therefore it's important that metal cabinets, and other furnishings, can fit in or add to the decor of the room itself.

Our team here at Mocka set ourselves the task of providing a range of such furnishing solutions. Our cabinet selection offers choices from the bright and even slightly quirky to the more traditional lounge or bedroom furniture options. Each offers a unique design at our always affordable prices - with the added bonus of free nationwide delivery in New Zealand!

Making a bright start, our modern Mocka Locka (see what we've done there) single and double sturdy metal cabinets in powder coated steel are available in bright white, vibrant green, sunny blue, positive pink and serious black. Each offers an easy swing-door and magnetic lock operation, and as well as being used for home office storage, have proved equally popular for kids' bedrooms and elsewhere throughout the home. They are also very easy to clean, which can come in handy in most households!

If you like the idea of useful storage in a stylish sideboard, then our Chelsea Buffet is for you. Its surface can be a home for your TV if you wish, as cabling holes are provided, or to showcase plants, family photos or sculpture. If you prefer a larger cabinet, then do take the time to investigate the range of great choices, in a wide variety of configurations, styles and finishes that we offer. Each can find a perfect home and add different style in many rooms and be used for storage wherever needed. 

These Mocka metal cabinets, and other choices, offer so many storage solutions while adding much to the location where you place them. Browse now and see for yourself!

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