Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Home office chairs: if you're sitting comfortably then I'll begin. This old saying is very important to people spending days working from home. You'll need to be comfortable sitting at your desk or table for long periods. Meanwhile, you'll also want chairs that are a world away from the sterile, ugly, functional ones that still infest many offices and workplaces. It is your home, so you'll want them to look good, and be able to be used for the rest of your home life!

That's why our team here at family-owned Mocka have worked so hard to source some terrific solutions to meet both work and other needs. Take the stylish Patch Chair, a replica of the legendary Eames DSW upholstered chair. It works as well at your desk or table as it might on a weekend in the guest bedroom. In working terms, you might say it is multi-tasking!

The Hudson Wooden Chair in birch plywood, is a sleek, yet sturdy and contemporary take on a classic styling. Our highly popular Harper or Austin Chairs can work for you at your desk and then moonlight as superb dining table furniture. The Aviator Bucket Chair, available in charcoal or denim, curves comfortably into a snug fit as a stylish home office chair.

Of course, at work, you might need a break from your desk to read through documents, or have some creative thinking time, perhaps to discuss key points on the phone. Our Asta or Britta armchair choices would allow you to relax just enough while still staying focused. Of course, out of work hours, it's okay to just call them comfy! 

Stools are useful to perch on, or to use as beside-you extra desk or storage space, so check out the options. 

Another way you'll be sitting comfortably is when you discover the affordable prices here at Mocka, allowing you to enjoy our unique designs to create that perfect home office environment for a sensible outlay. If you work from home, you'll spend a long time in your chosen chairs, so do take time to assess which best fits your needs. Then you can clearly focus on what work needs to be done each day...

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