Door Mat - Baby Sleeping

The Door Mat - Baby Sleeping welcomes guests to your home in style.This mat is the perfect size to sit at the front door or other high-traffic entries into your home. Constructed from coir, the natural fibres of coconuts, with a PVC backing, these entrance mats are highly absorbent with coarse fibres ideal for scraping shoes clean and capturing dirt. Which means preventing dirt and germs from being walked onto your floors so your home stays clean and hygienic for the whole family.


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The Door Mat - Baby Sleeping ensures anyone entering your home will be amused and delighted by the cute design while they brush dirt, dust and debris free from the soles of their footwear. Any parent will laugh at the ‘Baby sleeping. Be quiet or babysit’ mat and the perfect excuse to implement should you need. The design gives a modern feel to the traditionally plain door mat.

Woven from the durable and rugged natural fibres found in coconut husks, the coarse coir matting is ideal for scraping shoes clean and capturing dirt. This is a great way to reduce allergens and irritants from entering your home and preventing dirt and germs from being walked onto your floors. The result is a clean and hygienic home for the whole family.

Incredibly hard-wearing and durable, these mats are perfect for high-traffic entries into your home and for use outside. Due to its coarseness and powerful scraping ability, coir matting collects a large amount of dirt and debris which is trapped within its fibres. However, that doesn’t mean these welcome mats are hard to keep clean. Pick up and shake off any accumulated dirt, and use a high suction vacuum cleaner to give it a proper clean whenever you need. Walk all over the Door Mat for an essential way to keep shoes clean and guests welcomed.


Made from Coir fibre with PVC backing
Available colours Baby Sleeping
Assembled dimensions 76cm x 45.5cm
Carton dimensions 2kg - 76cm x 46cm x 2cm
Assembly required No

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Product Review
Baby shower gift that was loved by all
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Easy to deal with and parcel arrived very quickly. highly recommend
Product Review
Perfect when you have a new born
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Product Review
Very cute, love it so much
Service Review
Service was good, fast shipping. Felt headboard I can't get to stay on, sticky strips don't stay stuck to the felt
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Repeat customer!
Good price, hilarious and good quality
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Quick, easy, good price and good quality

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