The Magic of Floating Shelves

21st Oct 2020

The Magic of Floating Shelves

In recent years, there has been a big push towards more minimal and tranquil interior design. A move which has seen the Floating Shelf become extremely popular in recent years (browse your favourite interior Instagram and Pinterest feeds and in minutes we are sure you will see floating shelf inspo!).

Whether you are a Floating Shelf convert or the uninitiated, keep reading to discover the magic of Floating Shelves.

What is a Floating Shelf?

A floating shelf is a shelf that has no visible brackets and gives the illusion of floating on the wall.

How to Install a Floating Shelf

While they seemingly look tricky, Floating Shelves are actually extremely easy to install.

  1. Simply plan where you are hanging the shelf and then attach the wall bracket to the wall using the screws provided. The wall bracket normally contains some protruding hooks or anchors that the floating shelf slots onto.
  2. Fit the shelf over the bracket and then
  3. Secure in place, normally underneath. What could be easier than that?

Floating Shelf Styling Ideas


Mocka Floating Shelf Mocka NZ

Floating shelves in a bathroom is a great way to increase storage for towels, soaps, candles and plants without the need for cluttering the space with another cabinet.

Install floating shelves near the vanity or bath for an instant wall statement.

In-Between Spaces

The home is filled with in-between places that are perfect for floating shelves. Have space between two large windows? Perhaps a bare wall above a toilet or a teeny-tiny laundry?

All of these places would get cluttered fast if a cabinet moved in. So embrace the minimal (and space saving!) floating shelf instead.

Desk Storage

Mocka Floating Shelf Mocka NZ

Home offices are where floating shelves really get to shine. A lovely slimline desk with a grouping of floating shelves on the wall above not only looks stunning, but is perfect for storing books and folders and little d├ęcor pieces which help keep you inspired.

Nursery and Kids Room

Mocka Floating Shelf Mocka NZ

Floating Shelves are very on-trend when it comes to nursery and kids bedrooms. A white shelf with typography letters spelling a little ones name looks very chic.

Floating Shelves are the perfect places to style books, toys and artwork in a kids bedroom. You can even get creative with the placement and install them lower to the ground for easy access for children.

Conclusion - Floating Shelves

In conclusion, floating shelves are relatively affordable, easy to install and add instant design flair to any walls. View our current line of Floating Shelves here!


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