Hamper How To With Mocka Wire Baskets

20th Oct 2020

Hamper How To With Mocka Wire Baskets

There is something special about a personalised hamper at Christmas. A basket packed with goodies tailored specifically for someone special makes for a truly meaningful gift. Hampers are also not only super fun to create, but the possibilities of what to fill them with are endless. Our set of three Mocka Wire Baskets make the perfect bases for hampers. Splitting them up is an economical way to start three different hampers!! We have put together some themed hampers using our Wire Baskets to show you just how easy it is. Keep reading to find out how you can also create personalised hampers this Christmas.

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Christmas hampers can be wonderfully varied, so start by choosing a theme for your hamper. Think about who the hamper is for and what their interests, hobbies and likes involve. Are they a wizard in the garden or a master chef in the kitchen? Do they love a good vino or anything to do with the boy wizard Harry Potter? Think Beauty Hampers, Toy Hampers, Movie Hampers, Pet Hampers (whether for your own furry kids or as a gift to a local animal refuge), Baking Hampers, Food and Wine Hampers, Book Hampers, Home Decorating Hampers, Sports Hampers, Hiking Hampers, Travel Hampers…..(whooo, winded). We could really be here all week. You get the picture. Pick a theme that will resonate with the recipient and just watch them light up as they discover all the goodies.

Step 2: Set a Budget

Hampers can be as frugal or as extravagant as you want and still be amazing! The size of hampers vary and our Mocka Wire Baskets come in a set of three (small, medium and large), so a flexible mix of sizes for you to create the ultimate hampers. Our Wire Baskets are also useful storage items, so you aren’t wasting money on a container that isn’t going to be used in the future. If your budget allows for that top-shelf bottle, then sure, go right ahead. But if you want to keep costs lower, consider adding items you have made yourself such as homemade cookies or chutney. Or go the combo route and mix a few key expensive items with less expensive products to supplement. Either way, set your budget and stick to it – you (and the recipient) won’t be disappointed!

Step 3: Contents and Packing

The really fun stuff is choosing the products to go into your hamper and making it look presentable. Working from your chosen theme, get creative with the items you place in your hamper – they don’t all have to just be shortbread, tea, shortbread, jam….oh and did we mention shortbread – no, leave that to the generic, store-bought hampers. Instead, think about items fitting the theme that could be of value to your giftee. For example, if a gardening theme is on the cards, add a potted plant, some seeds, a sunhat and a gardening magazine/book (maybe even a nail tool to help get soil out from under fingernails). Creating a more traditional food and wine hamper? Then perhaps consider adding a set of wine glasses to compliment or a mapped out tour of the best New Zealand wineries. Touches like these truly add that personal touch. Once you have all the goodies, pack from the bottom up and make sure heavier items are placed at the bottom. It is always good to pre-select a few well-chosen products to be the attractive top layer (and the first thing your recipient sees!). Use tissue paper, cellophane, shredded newspaper or wrapping paper, (whatever you want/can get your hands on) as filler to lift items and make them more presentable. Adding decorative items such as silk or fresh flowers, sparkle lights, tinsel or baubles will help beautify your hamper. Get as creative as possible and play around - it’s just as much fun to make as it is to gift.












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