Nursery Decor

Nursery Decor

For young fingers and eyes, their nursery decor is often an introduction to the many wonders of their new and growing world. The wonder is surely yours as much as theirs as you watch them exploring with their eyes, and then enjoy their first crawling and toddling experiences.

Our Mocka customers right across Australia and New Zealand are always keen to see the unique designs we offer for great accessories to add to their nursery decor and feel, or to choose as special gifts for a new arrival. And they simply expect our normal affordable value. Let's start on the wall, where you can place focal points of colour and wonder with our Bunting, classic or flower shaped sparkle LED fairy lights, textile Tassel Garlands (in blue and pink) and, of course, a Dream Catcher. You might even add a new friend, and a touch of whimsy, with our deer, elephant, or rhino Animal Heads.

Young ones often like the comfort of soft light, and you can quickly add that with a Tail Light cat with bendable legs and tail, or smaller blue cat or red dog Pet Lamp. Being practical for a moment, Felt or Denim Baskets are terrific for toy storage, and you also choose from our Mocka selection of Faux Sheepskin and other rugs. You might also add our trio of Sleepy Animal Cushions - a bear, squirrel and hedgehog (prickle-free, naturally). 

Away from the home, we know that many of our nursery decor products and rugs are also the choice of childcare centres, or even as decorations for young ones' parties. It's also true that Dream Catchers, Sparkle Lights, and other products in this range are perfectly at ease in other, more grown-up, rooms of your home. 

So, for all ages, and many locations - but particularly for the nursery, enjoy examining our decor options before making the choices your little (or bigger) ones will really love! Enjoy free shipping on all nursery products across NZ. 

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