Mocka’s affordable nursery cots make preparing and caring for your little one that much easier. Because we believe that every child should have the best start in life, we ensure our cots come without the hefty price-tag and are super practical with everything a baby will need to rest safe and sound. No matter if you are buying as first-time parents, as a family beyond their first child, or for a loved one, you are sure to find a Mocka cot to fall in love with. As nursery furniture goes, the cot is super important as it will most likely be your baby’s bed for two to three years. Therefore, knowing you are buying a cot that is comfortable, safe and practical is a must.

The Mocka Aspiring Cot, Sonata Cot, Aspen Cot, Boston Cot and Mocka Amalfi Cot comply with the mandatory safety standard AS/NZS 2172, so you can ensure our cots have been tested to the highest safety standards in Australia and New Zealand with no box left unticked. This means our cots meet all requirements in regards to cot depth, spacing between bars, allowable gaps around the cot mattress and more. Not only that, with our cots we have chosen to eliminate the drop-side design, as drop-side cots are deemed more of a safety risk with faulty latches prone to become hazards over time. Instead our cots have fixed sides for a more sturdy and solid design which is sure to last for years to come.

No need to wait or buy an additional bassinet because you can use any Mocka Cot from the moment you bring your baby home with our newborn base height setting. With this base setting your baby is safe and secure at the perfect height which allows you to tend to them effortlessly (or simply stare at them for endless hours!). 

As your baby learns to sit up and stand, the cot base is fully adjustable so you can drop the base down to the lower setting. This ensures your wee baby cannot fall out while still allowing you to be able to lift them from the cot easily. At Mocka, practicality is one of our favourite things, so when your tot outgrows the cot but isn’t quite ready for a big bed, you can transform your Aspiring or Amalfi cot into a junior bed for added years of use with our Toddler Bed Conversions.

Mocka cots are designed by NZ parents for NZ parents, so we know exactly what is needed to achieve the nursery you have always dreamed of.  Our cots are available in natural wood, modern white or retro metal designs, so you have plenty of options to achieve that look and feel you desire. With cot mattresses and teething rails available too, we have everything you need for a long-lasting and stylish cot – and all at a price you're guaranteed to love.

Shop our range of cots and find the newest addition to your nursery (before the most important one comes along!).

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