Ride On Toys

Ride On Toys

One of our most popular categories here at Mocka is our collection of amazing kids ride-on toys. The minute you cast a glance in their direction you'll see why kids love them, and parents love it when their young ones faces light up at playtime! Grandparents and other relatives often feel compelled to choose one as a gift, and we can understand why.

We've got to start with the bugs and insects - and don't real-life versions often hold an amazing fascination for young children? Our Ride-On Bumble Bee and Ladybird on casters are a bit bigger than those buzzing around your garden flowers, but are a perfect size for those clambering onto a ride-on toy for the first time. Their padded vinyl bodies are so user-friendly, they're really easy to hold on to using those handy tentacly things, and are instantly 360 degree manoeuvrable. Perfect for active Kiwi kids! An alternative is the multi-coloured Ride On Truck, for little ones who are not quite up to riding a bike. Like all trucks, it also offers great storage! 

As you'd expect ,we offer a contemporary birch and plywood take on that most traditional of nursery toys - the Rocking Horse. Or, as an alternative, a rocking lamb called - what else - Larry The Lamb! Toggle fabric just adds to the hold on and hug cuteness, and Larry looks good in black and green, as well as in pink. 

Our Mocka Hobby Horse is neigh bother for youngsters to operate and has its own sound effects. Choose from Mr Ed or Miss Rose - your child is bound to love one of these options! For faster movers, and in a range of snazzy colours, our much-loved Zed Scooters fit the bill. They're also handily collapsible for you to take with you on days out or holiday trips. 

These uniquely designed, affordably priced kids ride-on toys are delivered for free across New Zealand, and at a faster pace than they can scuttle across your floor, patio or garden. Happy riding!

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