No matter the size of your home, a lack of storage is almost inevitably a problem; but it's one that our superbly versatile storage baskets can help solve. Let's start with Elliot Magazine Holders - Set of 2. Perfect for storing magazines, books, or crafts they are a stylish addition to any living space or bedroom.

Would you agree that kids, from even before starting school as a youngster through to young adulthood, are not always the tidiest of souls? Our unique designs in both Elliot Shark Bins and Elliot Baskets - Set of 3 offer a stylish way for them to store favourite toys, either in the bedroom or playroom, or to gather together clothes for washing - even if that does seem a huge chore for some teenagers! 

Our Felt Baskets are available in either grey-black pinstripe or check finishes, a stylishly neutral colour scheme that lends itself to so many locations in your home. We've even heard of these being used as clever firewood storage spots, or to take what's needed in the way of towels for a day at the beach.

As well as these terrific storage baskets, our team have also gathered some other practical storage solutions here. Our Fabric Boxes are a stackable alternative to greatly increase storage capacity while adding vibrant colour, there are seven different options, to a room. These are also some of the many uses for the stylish piece of home furniture that is the Gloria Box. Whichever choice you make, we hope you'll appreciate our affordable prices for this range of storage baskets and other solutions. Your choices will also be shipped for free throughout New Zealand!

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