Our range of modern buffet units are designed to solve any storage problems you have in your dining room or living room. We've pulled together some helpful tips for selecting the right buffet for your home!

Using your buffet as extra storage capacity

These pieces of furniture are superb locations for the storage of the plates, placemats, cutlery and wine glasses in your dining room. It can be extremely helpful for storing your 'best' china, glassware and crockery out of sight, ready for those special dinner parties or other important occasions.

In addition to the storage capacity, your buffet unit can be a perfect serving area. It's handy if you are offering canapés and a light buffet, as well as using the buffet unit as a serving area for the main meal itself. This allows more space across your dining table for a comfortable and engaging experience for your family or invited guests, and keeps the mess out of the way.

Where else can you position your buffet unit?

Our buffets have many more uses and locations where they'll fit nicely in your home. They offer great storage possibilities, and as such they can be just as useful in your bedroom and lounge as in your dining area. As you'll see from our superb range of buffets, both drawer and cupboard storage options allow you to fit in various sizes and shapes of items, for example clothes or kids toys.

Making style statements with your buffet

When choosing a buffet for the different locations within your home, it's also interesting to think how else the surface might be used. You can choose to offer a collection of family photos, or you might look to add some stunning pieces of living greenery.

These can also be a great location for adding light to a specific area with tabletop lamps or even placing a floor standing lamp beside them for dramatic effect. A beautiful piece of pottery or favourite sculpture might complete an impression that guests will notice and comment favourably upon.

Another way to enhance the impact of your buffet unit is to place it under a window, using the light to provide extra effect to whatever you add to its surface, and to the light white or stylish wood-effect finish of the buffet unit itself. There are many ways to make your buffet a statement piece of furniture in your home!

Other dining room storage solutions

Browse our current selection of modern buffet units below and set your imagination to work realising how much you could add to your home. Of course, don't forget how many other of our stylish furniture choices, from bookcases and cabinets to cubes, can also provide great dining room storage and style options!

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