The Ultimate Mocka Baby Shower Gift Guide

19th Oct 2020

The Ultimate Mocka Baby Shower Gift Guide

Buying gifts for a parent-to-be can be a little daunting. Trying to work out what they have, don’t have, or need is a challenge in itself. But never fear because Mocka is here to make things a lot easier. We have compiled some of our best baby shower gifts and must-haves for every new parent.  Check them out!

Let there be Rock!

Mocka’s Rocking Horse and Larry the Lamb make the cutest baby shower gifts. These beauties allow a child to grow into them rather than out, which means they are sure to have years of play and fun. Kids love the soft, textured head and body of Larry and the classic design of the Rocking Horse mean it never goes out of style. They also make pretty features in a nursery until the baby is old enough to rock about on their own.

rocking horse larry the lamb

Sight, Feel and Move

The Mocka Wooden Playset and Playmat is the quintessential baby shower gift. Great brought as a pair or individually, both items serve to stimulate a baby’s cognitive skills and sensory system while they learn to reach, crawl and sit up. The mat is soft and plush and the hanging owls are the cutest. They are also removable if you wanted to personalise the gift and make your own. These sets are the perfect ally for any parent, who can place their baby down for some independent play and get a few tasks done. That is one gift they will definitely thank you for!

play mat and gym

When in doubt

When it comes to gift giving, gift vouchers seem to get bad wrap (hehe, get it?). But we think gift vouchers are one of the best gift ideas you can have.  Mocka gift vouchers (sent via email) make an ideal last minute baby shower gift. It is also often hard to determine what a parent-to-be already has, doesn’t have and needs. Not to mention that big, essential items such as cots and change tables can be quite expensive. A timely gift voucher can alleviate some of the financial stress many new parents experience, not to mention they are guaranteed to get something they really need (or maybe had their eye on!). So down with the establishment and give a gift voucher. You just concentrate on getting all the baby snuggles while your loved one shops her (or his) heart out.

gift vouchers


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