The Benefits of Rocking your Baby

19th Oct 2020

Rocking your baby is an instinctive sensory action that has been passed down from generations. Most mothers and father’s begin rocking their baby once they are born and believe that it helps to settle and lull them.

When parents rock their baby the baby feels and moves with the sensation, becoming aware of their body and the body of the parent that holds them. As the baby grows that sensation enables them to advance their movements and increase their motor development. The rocking motion can also stimulate the balance mechanism of the Inner ear and help infants to become more attentive and alert.

Not only is rocking good for babies but it can also provide the perfect mood and motion for mother-child or father-child bonding. Much emphasis has been placed on rocking babies that almost every piece of furniture and equipment used in a baby’s first months of development is centred on creating a rocking motion.

From the moment babies are born they are rocked in their parent’s arms to calm, sooth and encourage them to sleep. Most nursing chairs are designed with a rocking motion that aids in calming babies during nursing and from there, babies are placed into rockers which help to settle them when they are upset or ease them off to sleep.

Mocka understand this importance of rocking your baby and sell a variety of products that promote the gentle rocking action.

Mocka’s Asta Arm Chair is a fundamental piece for any nursery. The gentle curve and angle of the Asta Arm Chair along with its flexibility provides a perfect rocking motion to help lull a tired or upset baby. Its comfort along with the matching Asta Footstool is creates a relaxing experience for both the baby and the parent.

When your baby starts to get more independent a rocking horse can be a fantastic way to continue the rocking motion. Rocking horses can also encourage the development of a child’s gross motor skills and provide a way of calming and relaxing your child.

Whether it’s rocking them off to sleep, rocking to settle them down or rocking while you bond, both you and your baby will benefit from the effects of rocking.

Rock your baby with Mocka


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