The Art of Home

31st Aug 2022

The Art of Home

What comes to mind when you think of home? Is it a childhood household? Maybe it’s your favourite travel destination? It could even be your favourite scent? All of these aspects may contribute to transforming a house into a home; one you have always dreamed of.

Our environment heavily impacts our emotional and mental state of mind whether we realise it or not. Cluttered areas, lack of personal space and unfinished home projects can leave us feeling anxious and stressed as we are surrounded by small clusters of chaos, which prevents us from truly relaxing and enjoying being in our homes.

There are many contributing factors when it comes to turning an empty space into an environment that makes you feel completely at ease, it is also important to note that it is not a case of “one size fits all” when it comes to designing your space.

GeorgiaGeorgia buffet

Some will prefer bright colours and flamboyant decor to provoke a sense of sophisticated fun. On the opposite side of the spectrum, others will prefer a home that reflects elements of minimalism combined with dim lighting and a moodier colour palette. To create a home that reflects your wants and needs, you may need to dive a little deeper into what it is specifically that brings you that “sense of home.” Taking the time to discover what you require before starting your home transformation will ensure that the end product will provide you with a space that perfectly compliments your lifestyle and personality.

There’s no place like home

What makes us happy in the spaces we inhabit? - Knowing that our space compliments our personality, style, and daily routine. Much like our clothing, we reflect the essence of who we are through our design choices. The idea of home will differ between each individual as we all have slightly different variations and visions of what the true value of “home” is. The first time you visit somebody’s home you instantly get a sense who they are through their choice of design and décor. Places that provide a sense of warmth and are welcoming are usually the spaces that reflect the unique tastes of their inhabitants.

If you find a sense of calm and comfort from the seaside, you may discover that a coastal colour palette of warm neutrals combined with soft hues of blue paired with rattan and jute textiles create an atmosphere of a seaside sanctuary bringing the ocean to you.

Similarly, if you prefer a city living lifestyle you may find that your sense of home is brought to you through a darker palette with deep browns, black and moody wooden textures that capture the essence of a big city.

The beauty of design allows us to play with styles to make it our own, so don’t feel limited to staying loyal to one particular style because there could be a myriad that you gravitate towards! Remember to take advantage of any sentimental or nostalgic mementos such as, family photos, travel souvenirs or meaningful artwork; this will inject character into your space whilst also acting as a timeless piece of décor. Décor with sentiment can also be an amazing conversation starter with your guests.

Creating the vision

The key to creating your dream environment is knowing what you want your final product to look like; this means getting to know your style, the flow of your lifestyle and what you don’t find appealing. Having that knowledge will allow you to create a space that is stylish and unique yet, practical for your everyday life.

Claremont bedside table

A simple way to begin your project is to build a vision board from inspiration you find online, in magazines or in real life. Through these sources you will be able to define your style and pinpoint certain qualities of a space you enjoy being surrounded by whether it’s the lighting, colour palette, or furniture. The outcome will be a list of design characteristics and ideas that you can incorporate into your new home. Curating your ideal environment will take some time and patience but the transformation process should be exciting and enjoyable so don’t rush to get to your final reveal.

During your research phase there should be a few statement pieces that catch your eye, take note of these as it is important to invest in key pieces for a room. Every space has one or two furniture items that are worth investing in such as: the dining room - dining table and chairs, the living room – the sofa, the bedroom – the bed frame and mattress etc. All of these pieces will be heavily used therefore it’s important that you aren’t constantly having to replace them; with quality comes longevity.

Statement pieces also require a sense of timelessness as they need to withstand the test of time in every aspect. By keeping those key pieces somewhat neutral you will have the freedom to evolve your home as your life stage changes change rather than revolve around fluctuating trends. Introduce touches of trends through easily interchangeable décor (pillows, rugs, artwork etc) or paint colour.

The art of home is what makes a space completely your own. It should be an extension of who you are; your favourite colours, materials,and everyday necessities that you find happiness within. Ease into this transformation by starting with decluttering and organisation. This will allow the more fundamental part of the makeover to flow seamlessly as you won’t be surrounded by unwanted items. Embark on this transformation with confidence in your style and vision and you will soon be living in a real place to call home. 


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