Stylist of the Month – Kate Sparks

16th Oct 2020

Stylist of the Month – Kate Sparks

Kate Sparks is an Australian interior stylist who is setting a trend for beautiful styled spaces with her Sydney based interior design studio, Little Dwellings.

Garnering a social media following of over 100,000, Kate inspires her captivated audience with décor finds and styled room updates. Kate originally launched Little Dwellings as a children’s interior design business before demand grew allowing her to expand her expertise into home styling.

As Mocka's September Stylist of the Month, Kate gives you her top tips to create a beautiful nursery for your baby.

1. Choose a layout that allows for spaciousness

When designing your nursery always keep in mind that you need the space to be functional, fun and spacious for the all-important floor time. Having a spacious nursery not only helps to keep it looking stylish and tidy however, it also gives your baby enough area to explore and play. To keep a nursery spacious and tidy, use baskets to store toys and other baby items. To add a decorative but functional element to the space make use of the walls and install book shelves or floating shelves.

2. Try to have your cot against the feature wall side of the room

Feature walls in nurseries really transform the space. If you are planning to create a feature wall in your nursery try to position your cot against this wall. This will help to draw the eye directly to the decorative wall and create the illusion of a much larger room.

3. Choose bedding sheets and accessories that complement the rest of the room

Bedding sheets and accessories are the pieces that really bring the styled space together. When choosing bedding sheets pick out fabric colours and prints that complement the colours in your feature wall and décor. Highlight certain areas of the room with coloured accessories, décor and toys. You can make a big impact with small pops of colour placed throughout the room.

4. Keep your styling simple, making it cost-effective to upgrade when you feel the need to change things up in the room

Although there are many beautiful products out on the market, you have to remember that your baby will eventually outgrow the space and furniture that you purchase. Try to purchase products that fit within your budget and ones that can transition as your baby grows.

This nursery features Mocka’s Amalfi Cot and Brooklyn Change Table and Drawers Set. Not only are these products affordable but they can also transition into a toddler bed and drawers set as your baby grows. The classic and contemporary design allows you to enhance the space with other decorative items without overpowering the room.

To view more of Kate's beautiful work visit her website or follow her on Instagram.


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