Styling your Child’s Bedroom with Mocka

20th Oct 2020

Styling your child’s bedroom is an activity that you can do with your child to create a fun space for them to imagine, play and dream in. There are many different themes that you can choose to create a space that your child will love. Below are some tips from Mocka for styling a monochrome, boho luxe or girly girl kid’s bedroom.

Monochrome Bedroom

A monochrome kid’s bedroom can look very cool and stylish. There are many black and white bedside tables, lamps and storage pieces that you can use to accentuate the monochrome theme while still adding practical pieces to your child’s bedroom.

When designing a monochrome bedroom for your little one, always remember to break up the colour scheme. Although a monochrome theme generally includes black and white, it can sometimes be too stark for a kid’s bedroom. To make the room look more playful and child-like, introduce colour accents through décor including artwork and decorative toys. Timber furniture is also great for warming the room and adding a natural element to the space.

Boho Luxe Bedroom

Boho luxe is a current trend for children’s bedrooms and Mocka’s Minka House fits the theme perfectly with its natural canvas material and warm geometric print.

When styling the boho luxe look into your child’s bedroom, start by introducing earthy elements and colour tones into the space. To break up the earthy tones and make the room playful, add pops of complementary colours to the space. Greens and oranges work very well to complement the natural tones in timber.

Girl Girl Bedroom

Designing a girly girl room can be fun, however try not to go overboard with pink and floral. Remember that other colours including blues, greens, greys and yellows can also be used to create a beautiful girly girl theme. Try and keep the room light and bright.

Use toys including rocking horses, teepees and hobby horses to decorate the space. This will save you money as you won’t have to purchase extra décor and your child will love to see their favourite toys styled in their bedroom.

No matter what theme you choose to style your child’s bedroom, always remember to include additional storage pieces. You can never have enough storage for your child’s toys, arts and craft.

There are many stylish storage options including Felt Baskets and Toy Boxes that will also keep your child’s room looking great.

boho kids room Felt Basket 2


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