Staycation Styling: Say Hello to the Charismatic Retro Charm of Palm Springs

10th Aug 2022

Staycation Styling: Say Hello to the Charismatic Retro Charm of Palm Springs

Welcome to Palm Springs, California. The home of laid-back luxury and old school Hollywood design. The iconic Palm Springs persona is becoming increasingly popular within Australian design due to our similarity in climate and lifestyle. It is notoriously known for being the apex of modern mid-century architecture and interior design with a clean, minimalistic approach accompanied by a cheerful character with vibrant pops of colour and flamboyant décor.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how you can easily create the infamous Palm Springs look in your home.

The Foundation & Key Features: Simplicity at its finest

Iconic elements of design are what makes Palm Springs’ interior and architecture so distinguishable and creates the illusion of effortless resort style living. Focus on using sleek, clean lines throughout your space to provoke a sense of tranquil luxury. These elegant lines are used consistently throughout the architecture with flat or butterfly rooves, breeze blocks and large overhangs that provide that iconic retro flare. Simplicity is even seen in Palm Springs’ landscaping with the main flora being cacti, succulents, and palms. Adding these fun plants into your landscape but also exploring ways to include them as features within the home will add that touch of green without compromising the style. Keeping your design choices simple allows you to sprinkle in those infamous bursts of vibrant colour that Palm Springs is so well-known for whilst keeping your home mature and sophisticated.

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The Iconic Colour Palette: Minimalism with a twist

Palm Springs is recognised by its stark, white-on-white exteriors contrasted with its unexpected but extravagant coloured front doors, heavenly crystal blue pools and exuberant décor and furniture. It’s this colour palette that instantly transports us to the iconic retro Hollywood era and is the most recognisable attribute to this design style. To ensure the bursts of colour aren’t too overwhelming, the rest of the house is usually kept quite minimal and plain with the use of clean lines and simple patterns. The small glimpses of colour are used throughout the home to keep the style consistent and harmonious, so start gradually collecting décor that you can incorporate not only in the main living areas but also outdoors and in bathrooms.

The Floor Plan: A home designed for entertaining

Palm Springs architecture has perfected the art of bringing the outdoors in by keeping the inside cool whilst taking advantage of the heat for hosting unforgettable pool parties. This has been achieved by creating open floor plans in single story homes that allow elements of outdoor living to trickle its way indoors, creating a sense of easy living while also ensuring the home stays cool in desert heat. Materials and textures such as stone and wood; along with plenty of natural sunlight shining through floor-to-ceiling windows create a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor.

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Our Pick: The Georgia Range

The Georgia Range is our top pick for recreating the iconic Palm Springs resort lifestyle in your home. With the desert-like touch of rattan and luxurious brushed gold accents, contrasted with the eye-catching white frame. This is the perfect range to bring the outdoors in with its nods to coastal living. The neutral colours allow you to style up the range in true Palm Springs style, incorporating those iconic vibrant colours.

Embark on your Palm Springs transformation with confidence and remember to have fun whilst planning your renovation or decorative refresh. Following the rule of simplicity and minimalism, adding in pops of colour whilst keeping the space neutral, and bringing elements of the desert will create your new hosting haven that is reminiscent of the infamous Palm Springs design.

Start your journey home with the new Georgia range, inspired by the home of laid-back luxury and old school Hollywood design, Palm Springs.


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