Spring Tidying Tips

19th Oct 2020

Spring Tidying Tips

Spring is here and now is the time to think about tidying up your home before summer arrives.

It’s good to encourage your children to help you to tidy up your home too. Give them small responsibilities such as cleaning up their bedroom, toy box or wardrobe. This will teach them about the importance of having a clean and tidy home. You can encourage them to help and make it fun by turning it into a game or playing their favourite music while they tidy.

Below are five great tips to make it easier for you to tidy up your home and keep it neat for the rest of the year.

1. Cleaning out a cupboard

When cleaning out a cupboard grab a few laundry baskets or storage boxes. Use these to divide the items in your cupboard that you pull out. For example if you are cleaning out your linen closet place all of the towels into one basket, the sheets into another and the pillowcases into another basket. This will make it easier for you to fold up and neatly store them altogether making them easy to find for next time.

2. Quickly tidy up the entire home

If you have lots of bits and pieces lying around your home get your laundry basket and pick up all of the pieces. Then go to each room in the home and take out the pieces that are meant to be stored in those rooms. This will save you time and energy from running around the home and going back and forth to every room.

3. Add storage to each room

Purchase some great storage solutions that are suitable for each room. Mocka have a large range of storage products that make it easy to keep your home tidy. The Stacka is perfect for kid’s rooms. Store Lego, dolls, art supplies, books and keep it all stacked up in their wardrobe or in the corner of their room.

Mocka’s Felt Baskets are a stylish storage option for the lounge room. They are great for storing cushions, magazines, toys and blankets. Mocka’s Jimmy Stand is great for keeping shoes in one place, rather than being spread from one end of the house to the other.

4. Add labels to maintain a tidy home

Use a label maker to keep everything in its place. Divide your linen closet, wardrobe or pantry into sections where items are stored. Make sure everyone in the household knows about the divided sections and remind them to put everything back in the right spots.

5. Tidy up your bench tops

If you have limited cupboard space in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen then place any bench top essentials neatly in a basket that fits on the bench. This will help to keep the bench free from clutter.

Start tidying up your home during spring so you can relax by the pool in summer and enjoy the feeling of having a neat and tidy home. You can also relax when your guests arrive for Christmas knowing that your home is tidy and presentable.Mocka's tidying tips watermark

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