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19th Oct 2020

Getting outside and exploring can turn into a fun adventure for your child. Not only does your child get to run around and explore new environments, they get to play with other children and learn new skills. Going to the park or other outdoor environments such as the beach or a lake can be very beneficial to your child’s imagination and develop their social skills, gross and fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

Mocka encourages parents to play with their children outdoors and design a range of products that can be easily packed up and ported to any location!

The Mocka Teepee is an easy toy that is designed to be taken anywhere. They are fantastic for encouraging imaginative play and are very easy to set up and take down. When it comes time to go home at the end of the day simply group all of the Teepee poles together into the middle and slide it into the Teepee Bag. You will love the convenience of being able to pack up your child’s toy quickly and pop it into the car in one piece. Mocka’s Teepee’s fit inside most medium to large cars once folded up.

Mocka’s Playhouse is another children’s toy that is perfect for playdates! The Playhouse was specifically designed to be portable with its detachable PVC piping structure and cotton canvas overlay. Imagine how much fun your child and their friend would have playing in their own playhouse. When it comes time to say goodbye to their friend simply remove the canvas cover by detaching the Velcro straps from the piping and disconnect the piping to pack it all into a small carry bag. Mocka’s Playhouse is small enough to fit in any small car making it a very convenient playdate toy.

If you are after some portable products with wheels then you can’t go past Mocka’s Balance Bikes or Zed Scooters! Mocka’s Balance Bikes are a fun toy to take to the park or beach. Their durable pneumatic rubber tyres make it easy for your child to buzz around on sand, grass or pavement. The lightweight materials of the Balance Bikes also make it easy to carry when your child gets tired. Some of the Balance Bikes come with handles for even more convenience. As Mocka’s Balance Bikes are designed for small children they can be easily placed in the boot of your car.

If your child is a little older than they will love Mocka’s Zed Scooter. Mocka’s Zed Scooter is a light weight scooter designed for children to use at skate parks or on a pathway. The convenience of the Zed Scooter is that it is collapsible, making it easy to pack up and carry anywhere.

Just remember, when your child is using a Mocka Balance Bike or Scooter always get them to wear a helmet. Mocka sell a great range of fun Little Nutty Helmets that your child will love to wear.

Encourage your child to have fun in the great outdoors with Mocka’s great range of products.

Outdoor play ideas from Mocka NZ


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