Mocka’s Table and Chairs Sets Encourage Independent Play

19th Oct 2020

Encouraging independent play among children is an important element that boosts children’s development. Imaginative and independent play can improve children’s future abilities to solve problems, build relationships, communicate and express clearly and manage stressful situations. The best way to encourage independent play is to set up areas in your home that are easily accessible and equip with creative utensils.

Mocka’s children’s Tables and Chairs Sets are beautifully designed, sturdy and built to last. Designed specifically for them, Mocka’s Tables and Chair Sets will boost your child’s confidence to independently feed and play at any time of the day.

You can encourage independent play by setting up your child’s table as an activity station.  Fill the table with crayons and paper or building blocks and your child will begin to enjoy playing and creating all by themself.

Mocka’s Wooden and Coloured Table and Chair Sets are a more contemporary style that is designed to seamless match the existing décor in your home. Mocka’s Wooden Table and Chairs Set will last through all of your child’s activities and more. You can also choose between sturdy chairs with a back rest or stools (have a look at our table and stools set) with either a coloured or natural seat. These stools are also designed to hold adults weight of up to 70kg. However, the most appealing element of these chairs and stools are that they are easy to stack and store away. This is perfect for those high traffic or small areas in the home.

The benefits of independent play are integral for children’s development. A great way to encourage independent play is to provide them with a space they can call their own. This will enable them to imagine, play and create at any time of the day.

Mocka Kids Table and Chair Sets


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