Mocka’s Scandinavian Styled Kid’s Bedroom

20th Oct 2020

Mocka’s Scandinavian Styled Kid’s Bedroom

Scandinavian interior is very popular amongst decorators not only for its visual appeal but for the soft and calming element that it brings to a room. This month’s issue of Your Home and Garden features a beautiful Scandinavian styled girl’s bedroom.

Scandinavian interior style mixes earthy wooden textures with warm hues and clean lines to create a raw yet warming environment. Scandinavian interior styling is great for children’s bedrooms as its colour scheme can help to provide a relaxing area for your child to rest and play in.

To achieve a Scandinavian look for your child’s bedroom, just like the feature in Your Home and Garden magazine, start with crisp white walls as a palette to work with. This will allow you to easily work your desired colours and textures into the room.

Once you have prepared the basics it’s time to choose a colour theme. Black and white are prefect colours to use to add clean Scandinavian lines to the room, however you need to balance these colours out with warm or cool hues. To bring some warmth into the room add touches of peach, pink, orange, and beige hues. Wall decals are perfect for adding colour to the room without having to paint. Work with sharp shapes like triangles or diamonds to add clean and sharp lines to the room.

Now that the walls are finished and you have chosen your colour palette its time to furnish your child’s bedroom. Mocka’s great range of furniture can be mixed and matched to create a beautiful Scandinavian style.

Mocka’s Single Brooklyn Bed is a sleek contemporary design that provides a perfect foundation to add a geometric printed doona cover and pillows to. Mocka’s adult wooden stool makes a perfect side table to sit next to the Brooklyn Bed to work in the earthy wooden textures into your child’s bedroom. If you’re after a side table with more storage space then Mocka’s Post Box 3 in black or white is a great way to incorporate a contemporary storage option into the room.

Enhance the Scandinavian style with some bold storage pieces such as Mocka’s Brooklyn Drawers in black or Mocka’s great range of Stacka Boxes. Try mixing the Stacka Box colours including black, pink, white and natural for a great Scandinavian look.

Every child needs a place to sit a read and what better way to add that Scandinavian element to your child’s bedroom than with Mocka’s Kids Relax Arm Chair? Mocka’s black or cream Relax Arm Chair will enhance the earthy Scandinavian element with its textured wooden arm rests.

Finally, it’s time to decorate with accessories however, keep it minimal to achieve the desired Scandinavian look. Use cushions, throws and toys featuring your chosen colour scheme to maintain a consistent Scandinavian style.

Achieving a Scandinavian styled bedroom is easy with Mocka’s great range of furniture. You will adore the look of your child’s Scandinavian bedroom and they will love to relax in it.

Mocka’s Scandinavian styled kid’s bedroom


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