Mocka’s Hudson Stools are The Design Chaser’s Choice

19th Oct 2020

The ‘social kitchen’ is the current trend in kitchen designs. This design integrates a larger island bench into the kitchen to accommodate cooking, food prep, social gatherings and dinning. This consequently provides a larger space for stools to capture the style and mood of the kitchen.

Another trend that is quickly making its mark is wooden furniture. When used in home décor it creates a subtle elegant style that doesn’t demand attention. Its smooth textural appeal relaxes the room’s atmosphere and allows subtle hues to define the elements in the wood. Wooden stools are great in frequently used kitchens as they are durable, easy to clean and stable. The simple appeal of wooden stools can offer a soft textural element to accessorise with and the environmentally friendly element adds to the value.

Michelle Halford from The Design Chaser recently built her dream home. Her kitchen design included a larger island bench to accommodate for her children and guests. As Michelle mentioned she wanted stylish stools that were durable, affordable and would contrast well with her existing industrial style dining chairs. Finding the right stools for her island bench was proving to be difficult until, Mocka announced the arrival of their new Hudson Wooden Stools.

Mocka’s Hudson Wooden Stools look fantastic in Michelle’s new kitchen. They complement the surrounding Scandinavian style décor and finishes in her kitchen and dining room without overpowering the surrounding space. The simple design made from Plywood makes the Hudson Wooden Stools durable, sturdy and easy to keep clean. Which are all of the quality’s that Michelle was searching for in a stool.

Mocka’s Hudson Wooden Stools are contemporarily designed and will seamlessly match the current décor in your home without overpowering the surrounding space.  Their effortless style makes them the perfect stools if you are looking to create a contemporary but relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Visit The Design Chaser to read more about Michelle’s new kitchen featuring Mocka’s Hudson Wooden Stools.

Mocka Hudson Stools featured on the Design Chaser Blog


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