Mocka’s Britta Chair Makes a Statement

19th Oct 2020

Statement chairs have been around for centuries and were once used by the royals and the riches to show status and hierarchy. Today statement chairs are used as an expression of style and are now a sorted piece of furniture used in interior styling.

From the wing chair to a Victorian chase, it’s easy to see why statement chairs have played an integral role in furnishing houses. Although statement chairs can be identified as a functional piece of furniture, their main purpose is to complement or spice up the décor in a room.

Mocka’s Britta Chair is the perfect statement chair that can be used in practically any formal or informal room in the house. The contemporary design of the Britta Chair along with its paisley print portrays modern elegance at its best. The contemporary design of Mocka’s Britta Chair can be noticed in the sleek curved Beechwood Arms. This design allows for the Britta Chair to be adaptable to many settings. Use it in your bedroom to help put your shoes on, your lounge room to read the paper, your guest room, the study or the holiday house.

If you’re after a corporate look with a difference put a set of Britta Chairs in the waiting room of your office for your customers. If you are after a contemporary yet classical look, you will love the black paisley. This print will help to accentuate elements of your décor’s classical features in the room while still maintaining a contemporary feel. If you are looking to inject a vibrant splash of colour into your room then the orange paisley will work perfect with neutral colours.

Statement chairs are fantastic to incorporate into functional rooms as they provide a talking point and can immediately draw attention to a room that was once dull and lifeless. They can create an inviting atmosphere that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Not only is Mocka’s Britta Chair stylish, it has been built for comfort and is easy to keep clean and at just $149.95 the Britta Chair won’t break the bank.


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