Mocka Wooden Toy Box Decal Decoration

19th Oct 2020

Mocka Wooden Toy Box Decal Decoration

Do you love to get creative with your children but don’t like the mess that most arts and crafts bring or do you want to update or personalise existing furniture on a budget?  Decals can be a creative way to have fun and pass the time while changing the look of a room or a piece of furniture, and they are relatively clean and easy.  One of our customers has used decals to dress up their white Mocka Toy Box.  Jessica used DIY decals to customise the look to match her existing décor. Below are some great tips on how you can make your own affordable decals to create a customised look for your piece of furniture.

Materials 1.    Contact paper in your colour choice 2.    Ruler 3.    Pencil 4.    Cardboard 5.    Scissors or guillotine 6.    1 x Mocka Wooden Toy Box

Instructions 1. Make a template for your decals. The size of your template depends on the length and height of your piece of furniture For the Mocka Toybox, take your piece of cardboard and use your ruler and pencil to measure a triangle using the below measurements. Base: 7.5cm Height: 7.5cm

2. Roll out your contact paper with the contact facing down and use your triangle stencil to mark as many triangles as you desire.

3. Cut out the triangles with your scissors or guillotine with the paper still attached to the contact and put aside.

4. Once you have cut out all of your triangles place them in a pattern on your Toy Box with the backing paper still attached to the contact.

5. Take the backing paper off each triangle and place it on the Toy Box in your desired position one at a time, ensuring each decal lines up with the next.

You will love this quick and easy way to customise the look of Mocka’s Toy Box and you can change it as much as you like. You don’t just have to stop at triangles; you can use circles, squares, teardrops or diamonds. Either way you are guaranteed to have fun with your child while you create your masterpiece. DIY decals are great for customising furniture to match with the existing décor in your home at an affordable price.

Mocka Toybox DIY Decal Decoration


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