Inspired by Eames

19th Oct 2020

Inspired by Eames

"Recognising the need is the primary condition for design" – Charles Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most notable American designers of the 20th century. Pioneering the design and mass-production of moulded-plywood furniture featuring complex curves, Charles and Ray were intent on providing high-quality, affordable furniture to the average consumer. This philosophy informed all their designs was the goal to positively impact people’s lives and environments, while encouraging people to be open-minded about how things are and, more importantly, how they could be different.

We love good design at Mocka and as such, some of our favourite products are replicas that pay homage to great designers like Charles and Ray Eames. With this in mind, we thought we would delve deep and give a brief history behind some of these iconic pieces.

Belle Kids Table & Chairs

Belle Kids table and charis

Mocka’s Belle Kids Table and Chair is a replica of the Eames DSW model which featured a wooden base and the side chair’s armless, curved shape. Developed in 1951, the Eames plastic side chair became an iconic design and is still on-trend and in high circulation today.

Basse Table & Chair

basse table and chair

Sturdy, ergonomic and elegant, Mocka’s Basse Chair and Table are replicas of the Eames DCW Chair and CTW Table. Made entirely from moulded-plywood, the DCW and CTW were innovative pieces of furniture developed in the late 1940’s. The concept behind the DCW Chair was the search for seat and back forms that support the human body using shape and flexible materials instead of cushioned upholstery. The result - a chair that proves less really is more.

Ernie the Elephant

earnie the elephant

Charles and Ray apparently had a soft spot for elephants which led them to design a moulded elephant toy/seat for children. The elephant was never mass-produced during Charles and Ray’s lifetimes. However, this changed in 2007 when a limited edition was released in honour of Charles’s centennial. Mocka’s replica Ernie the Elephant honours the fun and playful elements of Eames design.

Hang it all

hang it all

1953 saw the introduction of the Eames Hang It All. A brightly coloured, spidery coat rack that featured uniformly placed balls and a jagged metal base. Perfectly pairing art with function, the Hang It All showcases the Eames’s ability to think outside the box.


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