How to Style a Rug

19th Oct 2020

How to Style a Rug

A rug is a popular piece of décor that can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. A good rug can help to create a calm and cosy environment, but a bad rug can make the space feel cluttered and drab.

Purchasing a rug for your home can be a difficult task and with many choices out on the market where do you start? Do you opt for a round, square or rectangle rug made from jute, nylon, cotton or rayon? Do you lean towards a modern or traditional rug, a woven rug or one with tassels? The options are endless.

Mocka have made the decision process a little easier for you with their rug styling advice below.

Size and Space

To create a balanced space you need to ensure that the size of the rug is in proportion to the size of the room. A rug that is too small will look odd in a large room and a rug that is too big will overcrowd the space and make the room appear smaller.

Round rugs are sophisticated, elegant and can soften a square or rectangle room with their curved edges while large square and rectangle rugs are great for defining a large room or areas in an open plan house.

Complement with Colour

Streamline the style of the room by complementing accent colours in your furniture with accent colours in the rug. This can help to add depth to the space and help to connect the decor in the room.

Alternatively, if you have a neutral space a bright or patterned rug can enhance the style of the décor, make a statement and bring the room to life. Always remember to create a balance between the colours and texture of your décor, furniture and rug.

Furniture Placement

Rugs look great styled on their own in an entryway or in a minimalist room however, most homeowners will style their rug with furniture. If you are styling a rug in a room with furniture think about the space and how the rug can complement the furniture.

Round rugs are great for defining small spaces in the home like reading nooks, a small dining area or an office space. They can enhance the atmosphere of the room and look great styled with furniture or on their own.

Try placing a round rug underneath the leg of an armchair, bed, side table, couch or desk. Positioning your round rug underneath parts of the furniture will help to create a connection between the rug and the décor.

Large rectangle and square rugs work well to define the room and its purpose as their surface area allows for lounge suites to sit collectively on them. You will usually see this type of styling in lounge rooms or dining rooms.

When shopping for a rug, keep Mocka’s styling advice in mind to ensure that your rug complements the size of the room and style of your décor.


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