How to Set Up Your Home Office for Under $600

21st Oct 2020

How to Set Up Your Home Office for Under $600

When it comes to home offices, often the big bucks are spent on the electronics – like the new laptop or desktop computer and the 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier. While those crystal-clear graphics are a dream and the print finish is gallery quality, you aren’t going to be as productive (or as comfortable) in an unfurnished home office. Happily, we love a stellar office space and make it our mission to provide the most affordable and stylish office furniture around. We thought we’d show how you can set up your home office so it is comfortable, practical and stylish….and all for under $600!

Starting Budget - $600

What makes a space an office? A desk, of course. We just love our Urban Desk for its simple, modern style and at just $119.95, this beauty is a bargain. Its wood-look finish is paired with a powder-coated steel frame in either black or white for a sophisticated look. Sitting down at this desk will give you all the feels for a productive work or study session.

Mocka Urban Desk - NZ

Budget Remaining - $480.05

Now that the desk is sorted, we need a comfortable chair to sit in. Our Harper Chair is the perfect height to fit our Urban Desk and has an ergonomic design to help keep your posture. This chair also comes in either black or white so can be matched to suit your choice in Urban Desk. For a cool $119.95, you’ll be sure to have the best seat in the office.

Mocka Harper Chair - NZ

Budget Remaining - $360.10

Every home office needs good shelving and storage. Luckily, our Urban range has the Urban Ladder Shelf ($99.95ea) which is made to work in unison with the Urban Desk. Let’s add one on either side of the desk to create the ultimate workstation. These Ladder Shelves provide ample space for books and folders and creates an effective layout to style with plants, prints and décor – because beautiful spaces are always better to work in. 

Mocka Urban Ladder Shelf - NZ

Budget Remaining - $160.20

Now that we have the desk, storage and desk chair sorted, let’s add a layer of comfort to the floor with the Ruby Rug ($129.95). This large, neutral rug will instantly pull the room together giving it a sense of space and purpose. The natural jute adds texture to the room and pairs beautifully with the other natural elements for chic, cohesive style.  

Mocka Urban Rug - NZ

Total Budget Used - $569.75

So, there you have it, a home office set up easily under $600! With $30.25 left over, that is plenty of change to grab an affordable desk lamp or a budding plant to nurture. Or perhaps just spend the change on a week’s worth of coffee and get to work.

Full List of Mocka Products Used:

Urban Desk - $119.95 Harper Chair - $119.95 Urban Ladder Shelf - $99.95 Ruby Rug - $129.95

Prices correct as of Feb 12th 2018


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