Fun Activities with Larry the Lamb

28th Aug 2014

Fun Activities with Larry the Lamb

Traditional style rocking horses are great for encouraging your child to develop fundamental skills while having fun at the same time. Our new Larry the Lamb is a fun and colourful take on the traditional style rocking horse. Your child will love Larry the Lamb with his soft toggle coat and fun rocking motion from his mounted wooden rockers.

Larry the Lamb not only looks great in nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms but you can also use him as a prop in various activities with your child. Whether you have a green, black or pink Larry the Lamb there are many books, games and nursery rhymes that you can include Larry in to make it extra special for your child.

Mocka’s green Larry the Lamb can be used as a fun prop for when you read your child the popular book, Where is the Green Sheep? You can even play a game of hide and seek with your green Larry the Lamb and hide Larry around the house, encouraging your child to find him. Your child will love the abundance of fun that this game will bring to their day and it will also help your child to improve their emotional, social and cognitive development.

A fun way to include Mocka’s black Larry the Lamb is with the traditional Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme. The earliest version of Baa Baa Black Sheep dates back to 1731 and has been a favourite nursery rhyme sung to children in nurseries, childcare centres, playgroups and schools around the world.

The nursery rhyme is great for developing speech through onomatopoeia, teaching babies the sound that sheep make through words.

If you have a pretty pink Larry the Lamb is sitting in your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom bring him into the fun when you’re singing nursery rhymes with your child. Two great nursery rhymes that you can sing with your child while they playing with Larry is Little Boo Peep and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Nursery rhymes are great for developing children’s speech and language skills and together when playing with Larry the Lamb can also help to develop their gross motor skills including balance and coordination.

If you have a favourite game that you love to play with your child using Larry the Lamb or another Mocka toy be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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