Curve Trend: Embrace Sculptural Style In Your Home

24th May 2022

Curve Trend: Embrace Sculptural Style In Your Home

From fluted furniture design to circular decor elements – it’s no secret that curves in interior design have cemented their spot in our homes, continuing to trend into 2022. Curved furniture first saw peak popularity in the 60s and 70s, and crept back into the trend spotlight in the last few years with only signs of continued love on our Pinterest boards.

Believe it or not, the rise in popularity of curves in interior design comes down to psychology. Our brains associate curved shapes and circular forms with comfort and calm. Since the rise of remote-working, we value our homes even more as they have become a multi-purpose space for balancing living, working and socialising under one roof.

It’s easier than you think to incorporate curved furniture and decor choices that encourage comfort, all while elevating your living space with an on-trend design. Fluted side tables like the Eve & Dali ranges, round dining tables like the Zander Dining Table, and organic shaped mirrors like the Hilda Mirror, help create softness, embrace sculptural style and add a luxe feel to your home.

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Elevate your living space

Curves are your new best friend to elevate your home with elements of sculptural style, without compromising on relaxation and comfort in the spaces you spend the most time in. Curved furniture pieces and decor allow you to embrace the latest design trend in a classic, sophisticated and understated way, compared to bolder trends with a shorter lifespan.

Pair the Agnes Wooden Side Table with our Ashford Sofa and the soft textural elements of our Linen Look Ottoman to bring comfort and sophistication to your living room.

Flawlessly fluted

Fluting is making a comeback as we pay homage to the Neoclassical revival showing up in contemporary architecture and design. Fluting embraces curves while adding texture and form to your home. Incorporate fluted pieces to create a sense of sophisticated minimalism to elevate your home.

Celebrate texture, form, and contemporary design with the Eve & Dali ranges.

Eve pillar table

Create flow in your home

Curved designs add natural flow and movement to your space. The curves carry your eyes around the room, creating an illusion of depth and openness in even smaller rooms.

The Zander Dining Table is a Mocka-favourite amongst our customers for those who want to make their living and dining area appear more spacious and inviting for socialising. The chic design combined with the curved form encourages calmness and adds depth to your space.

Zander Dining Table. Available in White and Black.

Soften your styling

Seamlessly complement curved interior design in your home with soft textures and colours in your styling. Accentuate the curve with arched decor and mirrors to create the illusion of space. The Juniper Rattan Arch Mirror adds light, depth, decoration and drama to your home with its distinct earthy rattan detail.

Choose styling options that highlight your curved pieces rather than compete with them. Linen textures and neutral colours are ideal to complement the sleek statement that curved furniture pieces bring to your home. Add texture and a glam touch with the striking on-trend Petrol Blue Velvet Ottoman.

Bring together the softness and warmth in your space with a cosy throw blanket, Tallow Oval Floor Rug, and Knot Knitted Cushion in Oatmeal.

Stay ahead of the curve and shop all the latest on-trend looks for your whole home with Mocka.


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