Cracking the Corner Crisis

20th Oct 2020

Cracking the Corner Crisis

Corners are often an overlooked space for décor and storage. Somewhere between the scary combination of dust bunnies and spider webs that look like they’ve bred and are about to hatch a “spider bunny” – the idea of styling a corner is lost.

If anything, they are usually a dumping zone for 'stuff.' In some houses, the 'stuff' consists of last year’s Christmas tree, still only half in the box. In others, it is large pile of discarded toys which, at this point, you're pretending is a postmodern sculpture. Either way, it’s often easier not to venture there.

But never fear, because at Mocka, we have finally discovered how we can put our corners to better use – with a corner shelf.

Here are three reasons why you’ll love them and why you need one in your life now!

For small spaces

If you live in an apartment or have a small room to work with, you’ll know that floor space is at a premium. A corner shelf is an ideal solution for such a dilemma. Tall, slim and stylish, these beauties will add extra vertical storage without taking up highly contended floor space.

For all the pretty things

There are an endless number small businesses creating magical knickknacks and hand crafted decor. With a new corner shelf, you’ll have more room to display and style all the pretty things you convinced your partner, were “imperative” to buy – and a platform to photograph them for the Gram.

For the storage fanatic

No matter how big a house is, it can never have enough storage. If you’re a storage fanatic, you will love and thrive off this solution. With a corner shelf, you get to utilise what is often wasted space and add a gorgeous feature to a room in the process. What more could you want?

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