20 Unique Baby Names And Their Meanings

21st Aug 2015

20 Unique Baby Names And Their Meanings

Choosing a baby name is fun for any expecting parent. Whether you choose a traditional, popular or unique name, there are many names with different meanings that originate from various cultures and countries around the world.

Traditionally people use to name their baby after a relative however; today many parents are taking inspiration from celebrities and are looking to give their child a name that will stand out from the crowd.

Mocka have put together a list of 20 unique baby names and their meanings. Even though some of these names might not be present on the roll call at school, many of them are growing in popularity around the world.

If you are interested in unique names then you might find one in the list below for your baby.

Girls Names

Nevaeh – Heaven spelt backwards

Sinead - An Irish name meaning God is gracious

Evangeline – A Greek name meaning good news, bringer of good news

Esme – A French name meaning esteemed, loved

Hadley – An English name meaning heather field, a field of heather

Florette – A Latin name that is derived from the word floris' meaning flower. The mythological Roman goddess of flowers.

Oleander – Is a Latin name meaning pretty evergreen shrub

Evryn – Is Turkish for cosmos, the universe, the heavens

Luciana – An Italian name meaning light; illumination

Ané – An Anglo-Saxon name meaning graceful

Boys Names

Quinton – A Latin name meaning born fifth

Finnegan – An Irish name meaning fair

Arai – A Japanese name meaning new well

Coleman – An Irish name meaning dove

Nixon – An English name abbreviated from Nicholas

Slade – An English name meaning from the valley

Thaddeus – A Greek name meaning a courageous heart

Vihaan – A Hindu name meaning dawn, morning, first ray of sun

Bradford – An English name meaning from the broad ford

Beckett - An English name meaning dweller near the brook.


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